Running on Fumes?

Running on Fumes?

Address your low fuel light and growling stomach in Selah, WA

You’re on the road in Selah, WA, and your gas light just flipped on. Not only is your vehicle in need of some fuel, but your phone needs to be charged and you don’t think you can make it another thirty minutes without grabbing a quick meal. Selah Chevron / Toro Taco is the ideal place to stop in your situation. Put ten on pump four, get a soft drink to quench your thirst and a delicious taco to satisfy your appetite.

Call 509-697-7900 now to grab an energy drink, a burrito and a few gallons of gas.

3 reasons to visit our convenience store and restaurant

3 reasons to visit our convenience store and restaurant

Selah Chevron / Toro Taco is more than just a gas station. We are a convenience store supplied with many essentials and a Mexican restaurant able to make delicious meals and quick bites. Stop by to:

  1. Pick up a car charger to power up your phone
  2. Sit down for an authentic Mexican meal
  3. Grab a pick-me-up before your next appointment

Call 509-697-7900 now to learn more about our menu.

We’re pumped about serving you

Selah Chevron / Toro Taco in Selah, WA has been in operation for over four years. We have been in the gas station and convenience store business for over 21 years, and we understand what travelers need for their daily commutes and long distance road trips. We are dedicated to providing excellent service and crafting authentic Mexican meals for your whole family to enjoy.

Visit Selah Chevron / Toro Taco today for a snack or a quick drink.

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